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Collection Update!!!

EEEK so it's been a while and I've started 2 new collections and basically gotten rid of another... Oh the winds of change.

I'm also always looking for better ways to display my collection and when I found this shadowbox I had to have it! it's prefect! and keeps me from having to dust all the time!

My new display case! As you can see I no longer have a Ditto collection, though I still do love the squishy fellow.
I now have 2 new collections, Toxicraok and Lapras!

I really love the Toxicraok kids! there's just something about them that's so weird and cute!
I got almost all of my Lapras' from Pokepalace! (thank you!) Shes such a pretty lochness monster!

EEE! This is my newest addition to my Quagy collection... It's a custom made by slothyshroom! we did a trade and im so glad we did, hes awesome.

These two are new also! I was super excited to find a lot with little foot-up quag on Y!J. It's so cute and prefect! (Thanks Zenity for pointing it out to me!!)

The on on the right is clearly a bootie... i got it off ebay and the angle of the picture hid his derp face so I thought it was a BM figure.... lol oh well... its cute in its own *special* way.

Quag tower of awesome.

Here are a few more Lappy and some other random <3s of mine. the canvas series is just so beautiful they are hard to resist!! (there's a lapras pokedoll hiding up there too lol)

and for some reason i cant seem to resist the cuteness of sableye!

How cute is this!? Slothyshroom drew it for me, came with my wonderful plush.

AND THIS! lol omg I love it. Zenity painted it for me! SO funny and SO cute. don't look into quags eyes... you may lose your soul!

and then this........ Quagsire Swing Key-chain! omg this was a surprise! Zenity sent it to me with my painting and I almost died. I've never seen one come up for sale and its just so full of awesome <3 <3 <3 thank you again!

part of my charm collection :)
its on the wall by my desk... my cat likes to stand on my desk and bat at the charms XD

and last but not least! STAMPS

I've always loved stamps! These 2 were custom made! The quag with the top-hat was made by the wonderful Zannid!
I need to figure out somthing to mount it on but it stamps great.

the second one was made for me by someone on Etsy! They are so fun!

Some Wanted items!
#1) Quagsire Metal Figure! (keshimon) any color.
#2) Large fuzzy Quagsire bootleg plush
#3) Quagsire Stress-ball and Bound-Ball
#4) official quag merch that I don't have!! (no flats plz)

Tags: collection, lapras, quagsire, toxicroak
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