P3nguina (p3nguina) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ditto GA

I shall name you ditto GA

Sales permission granted by on 13 FEB. 2012 by [info]entirelycliched

My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/p3nguina/

  • All Community Rules apply.
  • No Sniping - do not place within the last 5 minutes of the GA, if a bid is placed thread will be extended 5 more minutes.
  • No deleting bids - this will result in negative feedback.
  • There will be 2 payments. First for the winning price and shipping to me.Second for the shipping from me to you.
  • Bid what you can pay. Payment will be expected within 24 hours of the invoice posted.
  • Do NOT bid if you can't make payment!!
  • Auction ends in about 6 days here is the timer
  • I will be claiming the  PC "type focus" fire type travel bag & the handmade vaporeon clutch for $20 since the lot is pretty cheap but will increase if the price goes higher
Just click and drag pics in new tab to enlarge.

2 Ditto Dome Figures
1 Ditto Burger King Top
1 Ditto and Jigglypuff ceramic diorama
4 Kid figures
10 mini figures
6 Full-Color-Stadium figures
2 Roller stamps (both work)
2 "other" figures
*close ups*

3 pre-order game figures

6 McDonalds Happy Meal toys

10 Johto Dex Metal Charms
1 Custom clay Vaporeon Charm (made by me)

11 assorted cards and stickers

1 Handmade Fighting Type pencil pouch (made by seller)
Please wait for all threads to go up!! Bids are up so get them in.
Tags: group auction
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