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what is this I don't even..

Went to a Japanese store in the city today, only to find something ironic and that I never knew existed.

Pokemon scratch bingo sheets with gum..


Why so ironic?  I am trying to make scratch tickets to sell at my local comic book store.  After all the hassle of finding a pen that's ink is scratch off when dry, the right CLEAR plastic to right on (lol photo paper does not work well), gluing it on with out smudging the stamp ink below it, and collecting pokemon stamps from the community...I find these.  They have 22 squares per sheet.  Can just cut them off and glue to paper.  LIFE WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH EASIER IF I HAD JUST FFUFIAHEYFGIE KNOWN

I'll just save these for another batch or something.  I just.  Can't believe.  The odds of this perfect random.  Existing.

I bought two, because I really had no idea what these were.  The 2nd pair of cards aren't shown, but one has the three cloud gods, and the other has Watchog.  I'll definitely be selling those eventually.

I love how they use the same Pika face, but on differ bodies lol.  I have no idea what other pokemon you can get.  But I'm definitely buying more next time.  I know I don't have sales permission yet, but would anyone be interested in one of these?  Thinking about getting a few extra to sell later.  They are kinda fun/random to play andtheycomewithSTICKERS

Oh yeah I didn't even mention what this pack even does.  So you get a scratch board, and scratch off a section.  Let's say you found a Victini.  Then you take Victini's sticker off and put it on the card (these are the backs of the character cards in the previous picture).  You keep doing this, taking turns with another person, to see who can get three-in-a-row or black out first.  Each pack comes with two cards, two pieces of gum, that sticker sheet, and a scratch sheet.

However I'm really puzzled as to why Reshiram is on the card but in both packs I opened there were no Reshiram stickers.  Actually both packs had the same stickers.  Idk if I was just luc---oh god I'm blind, the freak'n sticker is right about Zekrom.  IGNORE "IDK WHERE IS STICKER?" EDIT

*double facepalm*

Also do any of you have pictures the below of it open?  I'm curious to know how big the stickers are and how many you get in a package.  I might order some because of all the awesome.
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