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Banpresto Group Buy

I'm hosting another Group Buy... this one is another BIN from eBay and the seller is shipping from Japan. We're going to pay the Extra $10 for air-mail shipping on this, because "free" boat-mail is ridiculous. I will need everyone to pay ASAP because I can't float this much money for a long time. So I will BIN the auction when the claims are all done, pay eBay, then give everyone 48 hours to pay me. There will be 2 payments, the eBay lot then shipping from me to you. Feel free to claim as many plush as you can afford, I will ship worldwide. I ship from Va, Usa.

▲ Sales permission from dakajojo 7|20|2011
▲ Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/3kame/
▲ You must pay for your claim or I will leave negative feedback
▲ I reserve the right to not let people buy (if you are a banned member or otherwise a jerk) ^_^

BIN price is $100 + $10 shipping = $110 ÷ 14 plush = $7.86 PER plush

01) Treecko - mellow_candy
02) Infernape - technicolorcage
03) Mime Jr - shizzy00
04) Pichu -

05) Empoleon - schenzi
06) Pikachu - tyltalis
07) Axew -
08) Darkrai - 3kame
09) Uxie -

10) Jirachi -
11) Mudkip - yellowmudkip
12) Turtwig - 3kame
13) Pachirisu -
14) Serperior - tyltalis

Just to let you know, we didn't get this Group Buy :(
We were missing participants for 5 plush and it has ended. Sorry!
Tags: axew, darkrai, empoleon, infernape, jirachi, mime jr., mudkip, pachirisu, pichu, pikachu, serperior, treecko, turtwig, uxie
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