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PKMNcollectors Official Master Shops List!

Credit to dakajojo for the format of this post and creating the first MCSML.
This post's purpose is to archive a list of community member shops! All we ask is that you follow the rules below and submit your shop in a comment.

Shop Name: Put the name of your shop here.
URL: Put the URL (link) of your shop here. (Permanent sales posts are also allowed!)
Status: Please put what the current status of your shop is, be it open, on hiatus, etc.
Tags: Put up to 10 tags here. Choose any Pokemon or Pokemon Trainer. If you only sell pokedolls, zukans or tcg (for example) you may use these terms as tags instead of specific Pokemon or Pokemon Trainers.
Banner (optional): Put a link to your site banner here. Must be 200x40.

This list is open to anyone who is a member of our community so long as your shop is focused mainly on Pokémon and is compliant to our community guidelines. NoteThat if your permanent sales are on the community rather than your personal journal, non-Pokemon merchandise is not allowed.

Please go here to review our community guidelines.

Your shop must be working and active (hiatus is okay as long as you plan to open again sometime in the reasonably near future). Random reviews will occur and if your link is found to be dead or inactive it will be moved to the revoked status for 30 days and you will be notified. If no action is taken on your behalf to make your listing active within this timeframe it will be removed from the Member Site Master List and you must reapply if you want your shop or permanent sales post to be relisted.

What makes a shop inactive? If it has gone a long time without updating or declaring hiatus status, has broken images, ect.

don't have a shop banner?
You can easily make your own shop banner by saving this template to your computer and adding your own images and text with your favorite photo editing program. 

listing status key
Open - The shop is currently open.
Coming Soon - The member has indicated that the shop is under construction, and should open in the very near future.
Hiatus - The member has indicated that the shop is on hiatus, and should reopen in the very near future.
Closed- This shop site is currently closed. 

application response key
Approved - Your shop or permanent sales post has been reviewed and will be added to the Master List.
Denied - Your shop has been reviewed and is not eligible to be posted on the Master List. A reason will be provided.
Revoked - Your shop has recently been reviewed and no longer meets eligiblity requirements. You have 30 days to respond with a working and active link or your site will be removed from the Master List.

searching for member sites
Please press CTRL + F and type in a kind of merchandise you wish to search for. Click 'Next' to go to the next relevant shop with the desired tag. If a shop contains that tag you will be able to quickly find shop that feature that type of merchandise, so be sure to check it out!


Shop: Aleyina's Sales
Owner:  aleyina
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, figures, TCG, charms, kids, straps

Shop: Ancient Sales
Owner:  angela_samshi
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, figures, kids, zukan etc


Shop: Bellossom's Boutique
Owner:  cy4nide
Status: Open
Tags: marbles, figures, kids, zukan, misc.

Shop: Black City
Owner:  snow_skitty
Status: Open
Tags: Prints, Stickers, Straps, TCG, Flats, Cards


Shop: Chaos Counter
Owner:  lapopearmadillo
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, Figures, Flats, etc.

Shop: ChickenScratch
Owner:  methuselah31010
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, TCG, Figures, Stickers


Shop: Del's Pokémon Emporium
Owner:  revarrie
Status: Open
Tags: plush, charms, kids, figures, stickers

Shop: Derp Fairy Sales
Owner:  ladylale
Status: Open
Tags: plush, figures, stickers, tcg, misc

Shop: Dragonsdensales
Owner:  dragonrider49 and dragonsdensales
Status: Open
Tags: plush, figures, zukan, cards, flats etc.


Shop: Eevee's Box-o-Sales!
Owner:  dinomuffinbot
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, Figures, Charms

Shop: Eon Sales
Owner:  miles_dixon
Status: Open
Tags: Pokedolls, Sales, figures


Shop: Firebomb Shop
Owner:  firebomb
Status: Open
Tags: Whimsicott, Cottonee, Chimecho, Chingling, Meowth, Chingling, TCG, cards

Shop: Fusion Flare Shoppe
Owner:  eternal_rena
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, Figures (Kids, Zukans, etc), TCG, Misc items (straps, retsuden stamps, etc)

Shop: Floaroma Pokemart
Owner:  juumou
Status: Open
Tags: pokedolls, plush, kids, figures, zukan, stamps, flats, stickers



Shop: Happyjolteon's Sales
Owner:  happyjolteon
Status: Closed
Tags:  None




Shop: Kitty Kaboodle
Owner:  neeko48
Status: Open
Tags: kids, plush, pokedolls, charms, figures, tfg, zukan

Shop: Kyogre's Pokemon Sales
Owner:  kyogres
Status: Open
Tags: plush, figures, TCG, misc.



Shop: Mellow Candy Sales
Owner:  mellow_candy
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, Pokedolls, kid figures, Retsuden stampers

Shop: Mushroom Grove
Owner:  zeldana
Status: Hiatus until mid-August.
Tags: Plush, figures, flats




Shop: P3nguina's Poke Shop
Owner:  p3nguina
Status: Open
Tags: None

Shop: Paradise Estates Pokemart
Owner:  elementparadise
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, tcg, figures, flats

Shop: POKéR Card Shoppe
Owner:  toda
Status: Open
Tags: Cards, TGC, plush, flats, figures

Shop: Purr's Pokemon Palace
Owner:  pheonixxfoxx and purrspkmnpalace
Status: On hiatus
Tags: Plush, TCG, Figures, Stickers


Shop: Quagsire Cove
Owner:  zenity
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, Kids, Pokedex Figures, Minicots



Shop: Sami's Sales
Owner:  sasami
Status: Open
Tags: Kids, Zukan, Pokedolls, Plush, Figures, Flats, Cards, Stickers, Charms

Shop: Slowpoke Sales
Owner:  jujufox
Status: Open
Tags: Cards, plush, figures, misc

Shop: Sunyshore Pokemart
Owner:  denkimouse
Status: Open
Tags: Pokedolls, Pokemon Center, charms, pickups, kids, figures

Shop: ShinyV's Sales
Owner:  shiny_vulpix
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, figures, kids, flats, misc


Shop: the-couch-potato
Owner:  couchpotatonet
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, figures, charms

Shop: Tricky Fox Sales
Owner:  darkzorua
Status: Open
Tags: Plush, charms, Figures, Zukan, Pokedolls

Shop: Turtles 4 Sale
Owner:  3kame
Status: Open
Tags: Toys, Games, Plush, Kids, Other







Shop: Zora_Star's Good Fortune Shop
Owner:  zora_star
Status: Open
Tags: Figures, flats, cards, card wrappers, misc.


Shop: 16-Bit Memories
Owner:  dewott
Status: Closed
Tags: Charms, Plush, Pokedolls, Kids, figures, TCG, Stickers, Flats

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