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Meloetta Goods - Anyone Doing Pick Ups?

Before people ask, yes I did post this about 2 days ago...
I've cleared it with dewott and she said that I can repost.

Either the reason was because no one is doing these pick ups or people just skimmed over because there was no image...


Patrons of Japanese McDonalds restaurants will be able to get the first Meloetta cards in the TCG. If you purchase a Happy Meal on Saturday and Sunday, July 28th and 29th, you will receive Meloetta in either its Aria or Pirouette forme.

So like I said in my last entry, is anyone doing pick ups for these?

I know I've PMed one or two members who I know are in Japan, and have emailed Gin, but I'd really like to get someone to say okay. Since I am on vacation, I can only check every so often on the computer, however my phone does get email updates.

I'd just like to get this secured and over with so I can stop worrying... These cards look amazing and I will gladly pay for them :)

I'm in Canada, if you can give me a rough estimate how much shipping would be for the two cards :)
I'd gladly pay full price of the happy meal, which you will get to eat LOL, a fee, and the shipping for these within reason! If you get extras of the same cards, I'll get em too (though I'd prefer 1 of each, but if say you get 2 of the same, I'd get both, just get the other then xD)

Just PM me, comment or whatnot, I'm sure to get back to you all sooner than later, since I do have a phone and can access LJ with my Data Plan (though it is SOOOOOO HARD TO TYPE) XD

Thanks all!

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