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Multipurpose post thing

Hello fellow PKMNcollectors! I hope everyone is doing well. Today I have a few questions and a few wants, so any help will be much appreciated!! 
First I just want to say that I will be making the first trip to the post office for the Wailmer and Mewtwo GAs on Tuesday (maybe Monday but I'm not getting my hopes up :o))

Right now I am looking for two things in particular:
Piplup pokeball plush 
Piplup line and Lake trio cube thing... I don't want to really spend more than $10 shipped for this. My absolute limit is $15

I will post a link to my full Piplup wants list but I cant really spend a ton of money right now :o)
I used google docs for now so I would have enough room and be aware that it is VERY unorganized. It is still in its editing stage so more stuff will be added from time to time (will post it when it's anything major

Now time for some questions:
1. For those of you that have seen your Holy Grail pop up online, What was it like? I have a feeling I won't be seeing mine for a very very very long time, but I think I would die of multiple heart attacks!

2. Was there an American Piplup Pokedoll made? Like a velboa one? if so I want one :3

I think that's it from me today. Hope you all have an awesome week! 
Will have a collection update soon when I own half of the existing Empoleon plush (according to PPP)
Tags: empoleon, piplup, wanted
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