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AZ Collectors--Meet Up Info

Hi Guys!

Please click below for updated info for the meet up this month! :)

sorry for the lack of info about this meet up. i wanted to get some information about meeting up at a some different places besides Bookmans. here is what i came up with:

Option One:

Southeast Regional Library
775 N Greenfield Rd 
Gilbert, AZ 85234

They rent out conference rooms;
$45 an hour M-F 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
**anything outside this schedule is an additional $15(this is a staff fee because they don't staff for this on the weekends)
So for us it would be $65 an hour
The room has a table(s) and chairs
They can provide a tv(s), but that will cost, so bringing our own would be better
The room can hold 40 people with table and chairs and 50 people without
We need to book the room for at least 2 hours(cannot book on the half hour)
It is avaliable between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 pm on 7/28
**we cannot come in early to set up(i think this is dumb!)

i know $65 an hour is expensive, but i am thinking this is much cheaper than i a hotel conference room(not 100% sure about this--i did not check into a hotel conference room). if we get at least 15 people for the meet, it will only cost a little over $8 a person for 2 hours and $13 for 3 hours. we could have food, games(pokemon snap, stadium, and/or revolution), tcg tournament with prizes, and  a video game tournament with prizes. 

Option Two:

Something similar to Bookmans:

Republic Ramen + Noodles
1301 E. University Dr. #114  
Tempe, AZ 85281

a local Nintendo 3DS group i follow on facebook had their meet up here a few weeks ago and it looked like a good place for a meet up:) i haven't eaten here yet. my friends and i will be next weekend. so i can report on how good or bad they are;) i am sure they will be good though!


what do you guys think? i am fine with meeting at Bookmans; i just wanted to put out a few more ideas. i did forget that they have that cafe. so we could always sit in those chairs and talk, battle, and trade. plus Bookmans and Republic would be free:)

PLEASE let me know what you think! :) right now i think the meet up is planned for Saturday 7/28 at Bookmans 10 or 11 am. (i can't remember what time we meet up last time.....)

Thanks everyone!

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