Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminder + Beautiful get + Small wants + Question

Hello there!
From our Nasija GA 3, there are still a lot of people that didn't pay for shipping for the Nasija GA 3, that includes azourus, babycinnamon07, chaosoftwilight, gengareric, mandysaurus_rex, shastina4ever, shinykamon, and sugar0coated.

Please go here to take a look! There are still a lot of extras from the lot up for grabs for people =D

Next order of business, I have gotten myself one of the most beautiful clearfiles I have ever seen, it would be a shame to not show it off! <3

Take a look!Collapse )

And now I have a few wants!

I could slowly call this chopstick holder my grail, because I haven't seen it anywhere in months or well, since I have joined this comm January 2011, not to mention that I came too late to purchase one on a sales post yesterday..anybody who would be willing to give him up, do let me know please (or even if you find one on eBay or YJ)!
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH pika_lex!!!! ;___; <333

I would love to have this version of Snivy charm, the one with Pikachu and Snivy riding on Wailord. I own the other one, where Snivy is holding the basket of berries. Would prefer MIP.
Thank you so much poliwhirl!! <33

And also searchign high and low for these Mantyke line TCGs!

And lastly, a question! I came accross 3 different Snivy plushies that I have never seen before, so I was wondering, if they are real or booties? I have recently found out that YJ started to sell booties as well, so that's why it makes me wonder.

Pictures!Collapse )

Thank you so much! <3
Tags: empoleon, mantine, mantyke, raichu, snivy, wanted
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