Kima (diaboluscanisk) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Buying Cell Phone Strap/Charm and Trading Art

Edit: Yes i know i just bought a charm, but i am still looking people!

Hello all, long time lurker first time poster here!
I just got a new forest green sony ericsson, and i have been dying to get a charm for it. I would obviously prefer a green charm (or anything that matches green) but i'm not that picky. Throw pics and prices my way and i'll take a look. I don't really have any particular 'favorite' pokemon, but i will add that i'm not a huge fan of the electric mice (raichu excluded).

Also, I do art!
If anyone is willing to make a trade with me please let me know! I am always happy to do drawings for items, as long as i receive the item first.

!WARNING! Big picture under the cut!
This is the first type of drawing i will offer. I'll give you something like this for an item(s) worth atleast maybe 7-10 dollars. Of course the price will go down depending on the request (no colors, sketchy..etcetc). I also will go into more detail given that there is a better prize. Let me know if you guys think it is worth it okay. I would really like to hear some feedback! More art can be found on my DA
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