Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

it begins! :D

Note: The sticky post about the current situation is remaining so everyone knows what to do, please do continue to follow the instructions if dealing with the member, but don't feel too worried as it is being solved calmly :) Thank you all so much for all cooperation and patience.

Anyways....the summer 2012 PKMNcollectors Japan meetup begins!!

Only two members have arrived so far, with three more coming tomorrow! :)

Today we did a few Pokemon things. Mostly: UFO Catchers!! With 1100 yen I caught three Deino and one Unfezent! They are here with the rest of the Pokemon gang -- maybe you can tell what we collect by checking out these travel buddies, here with my brand new shiny big sucky by cwinget who came JUST IN TIME to join in! THANK YOU CWINGET! :D

Time to go to sleep for Tiny the not at all tiny sucky... :) More Pokemons to greet tomorrow! Lots to do! He's plum tuckered!

Thanks as always, my comrades in monsters!
Tags: deino, eelektrik, mpc, unfezant
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