Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

final quick wants!

Sorry guys, this will be my last wants for a while! Hopefully my next post will be an update...or perhaps a Gen 2 badge GB!!! ;)

Anyway, I am still searching for a reasonably priced one o' these:

(pic from PokePlushProject)

I'd like to pay around maybe $35/ish shipped? I've seen them for around that price here on the comm, so. ^^; I also do partial trades, and I have some Kanto starter items and/or an Umbreon jakks that I'd practically throw at you for him!

EDIT: I also am looking for a DX Pikachu Pokedoll(tags don't matter) for around $30 before shipping, as that's what I've seen as far as pickup prices go, or maybe around $20 if you've got an older loved one. Again, I have lots to trade, also. Hopefully I have better luck finding one of these before a Reshi, as they're at least still in production. >.<

Also, just this morning actually, I managed to get my paws on a Reshiram diorama figure(!!!) for fairly cheap (compared to online stores ;-;), and I am SO excited! Does anybody else have one? I'd love to see your pics of this gorgeous fluffydragon. ^^
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