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A Tiny Collection Update!

I have not posted a single thing here in what seems like forever. Yes, I am still collecting but I am just not able to get as much as I would like. I have been spending to much money on geckos. My main focus has been on my Purrloin/Liepard collection. Though, occasionally something else not related to purple kittehs sneaks its way into my collection. Here are some pics of my newest gets:

Choro BagChoro Bag - 2

Thanks to denkimouse, I finally have this Pokemon Center bag. I usually do not seek the bags, but this particular one was special. Not just because it was of my favorite purple kittehs, this bag was also released on my b-day last year!

Choro Bag - 3

Here is the bag with the matching clearfile, which was also released on my b-day...:3

Axew & Servine

Like many others, I sought after the McDonald's toys. Actually, I only wanted Servine to go with the Snivy I got from the previous promotion. There is kind of a cute story behind how I got Servine.

The day the promo started, I was able to get some friends to take me to a McDonald's. I was super excited, for I rarely get to pick-up happy meal toys that I want anymore. I wanted two of Servine (one for my Crested Gecko's enclosure) and the Choroneko card, but I was so thrilled that I could careless who I got! That was until I walked into McDonald's and asked about the Pokemon toys. I got a blank stare, followed by a puzzled look and the reply of, "We only have Madagascar right now." Hearing this burst my happy bubble...;_;

I told my better half, Rodney about what happened. After hearing my tale, he kept bugging me for info on the Pokemon I wanted from McDonald's. I told him not to worry, for Servine won't be available until later. Besides, I figured that I would get the person who gives me a ride into town on Wednesday to take me by our local McDonald's then. The other McDonald's I had visited was located elsewhere.

To make Rodney happy, I printed him out a quick picture of Servine that read:

Wanted Dead or Alive...

2 x Servine #4 McDonald's Toy!

 Rodney headed home and I went about my business. Within 20 minutes, the phone rings. Of course, it is Rodney on the other end and he said, "I got 2 of those green dragon things for you and they just gave them to me." Rodney is the best and so is our local McDonald's. The Snivy I got from the previous promo, they just gave to me too!

I was able to go one last time to McDonald's before the promo ended, that is how I got Axew. As for the Choroneko card, a kind online friend has one for me...:3


I have loved this Zukan from the first time I set eyes on it. Someone (I can't remember who now) in the community was suppose to get me one, but never got back to me. Luckily, I was able to snag this one from a GA...:D


There is something about Kyurem I like, so I decided to allow myself at least one figure of the icy dragon. My Walmart always seems to come through with the Pokekmon TCG sets. In fact, they still have a ton of older sets/tins collecting dust on the shelf...;)

Persian Stamp

In a recent sales post, I missed out on the above pictured stamper, but happyjolteon was kind enough to offer me hers. I already have the blue base version, so now I just need the red based one...:3

Sewaddle Charm

I can't hide it anymore, I like Sewaddle! shadoweon had a GB for the charm set and needed someone to claim the little leafy worm, so I caved. I also have the MPC plush, which hangs out with my Giratina plush...XD

Last but not least...

Giovanni w Persian

I have been after the metal figure of Giovanni with his Persian for sometime. With money being tight, I just couldn't compete with fellow collectors. kassia9 (again thank you so much) noticed my struggle and offered me not one, but two metal Giovanni figures! Now all I need is Jessie...:D

Well, that is it for my update. Believe it or not, in a couple of short months I will be with this very community for 5 years! To celebrate I would like to put together a reintro post, probably staring Pickles...xXD

One last thing, life has kept me busy so I have not had time to do sales. I put together a big lot containing 260 Kids Figure, a Nintendo Pokemon Mini and other goodies on eBay:

Main Pic

I do hope to get my online store back up and running now that things have finally seemed to have settled down on my end...:3

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