"Kaela" (pokabubu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Big Toy Factory Plush Pics!

Hi there! I know there aren't a ton of pictures of the B/W Toy Factory Plush going around, so I wanted to share some pics of mine for anybody who was interested in seeing how they look IRL.  Unfortunately, they are not the HUGE ones- but they are still pretty big! :D They are about the size of the biggest Pikachu from Toy Factory's previous Pokemon release (Oshawott is a little smaller)

They both have found new homes - as much as I wanted to keep them I couldn't fit all three of them in my room (I have decided to keep the giant Pikachu). The Snivy has already been shipped out to its new owner, but if anybody wants more pics of Oshawott, he won't be shipped for about another week so feel free to ask and I will take some better pics.
I am getting my Tepig one soon - which I am keeping to start my official Tepig collection. I will post pics of him when I get him! I cannot get anymore of these guys at the moment, so please don't ask me. Thanks for understanding. Happy hunting fellow collectors! ^_^
Tags: oshawott, snivy
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