pokemontrader (pokemontrader) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Just a boring old question post... I'm sure many of you would be inclined to answer!

  1. Flat Rate Shipping for Canada - Have you ever used it? Yes/No?
  2. If you have used it - how much is it generally (To Canada, USA and international)
  3. Do members feel discouraged if others say "I only ship to..."
  4. I'm going to be doing a massive collection weeding, too many plush, kids, settei etc, what is better...
  5. A) Selling items individually
  6. B) Selling items in lots (Charms, Kids, McD figures, Plush (Banepresto, PC Plush and Pokedolls, Settei etc)
  7. TCG - do you collect?
  8. Do you belong to other pokemon communities?
  9. Do you like posts without pictures?
  10. Unrelated but do you get annoyed when sitting in a quiet room and someone is eating CHIPS! OH THE SOUND OF THE CRUNCHING ON THEM IS ANNOYINGINGIGNIGNG!

BONUS QUESTION: If you are an eeveelution collector, would a graded Karen's Umbreon or Annie's Espeon interest you?

Thanks all!

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