caffwin (caffwin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Slowpoke Pokedoll for offers + GA Update

I'm slowly trying to get my collection all photographed and set up, rearranging and editing photos while weeding some things out. I have a few smaller things I haven't photographed, but up for offers today is a super adorable Slowpoke pokedoll by the talented xSystem!

Since I already have a similar Slowpoke pokedoll by xSystem, this one is up for offers.
He's made from minky with beautifully hand embroidered eyes, fleece for the inside of the mouth. ~6" tall!
The minimum I'm willing to accept is $50, but feel free to throw offers at me and I will accept anything reasonable. :)

For my GA participants! Round 2 payments are due (shipping from the US warehouse to my place - payment 3 is from me to you). Please look out for payments due in the original group auction post here as I will be commenting with your totals shortly. Thanks again everyone! <3

Also a quick sales plug - lots of leftovers in my sales. Will be updating this soon as I have some goodies on the way. :D
Tags: group auction, sales, slowpoke
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