Tay (taycs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

the shaymin thing

whoo I haven't had such a rush of energy for a while! I did buy one of those $40 plush on eBay just now, but it says 30 days to get here... -_-; if I'd only had the extra dollar for faster shipping.
edit I must've missed this but apparently there was the talking Shaymin plush on eBay?? rofl it was like $120.

And because I feel like I've been doing way too much selling, and not enough sharing photos and news and stuff, I want to show you the pictures I took this week. :)

there he is!

wave Hello to Piplup~

strike a pose!

aw, shy little Buneary.

Here's to paying off that Shaymin plush! cards for cheap and other sales!
Tags: cards
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