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Birthday Gets + Reintro

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
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* Collection Site
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Well today was my birthday which means I spent the last month treating myself to ALL THE THINGS! Ok, not -all- the things, but pretty close!

I guess since it's been just over a year since my very first post I should do a reintro.
I collect many many different pokemon. I started out collecting Munchlax the most, but he's kind of 'retired' now. I moved my focus to mareep/flaafy, lotad, scraggy/scrafty, cottonee/whimsicott, hoothoot/noctowl, karrablast, larvitar, croagunk, gligar and darumaka, to name just a few (lol)
As you can tell by that list, my favs really vary! I have a really hard time choosing my top 5 favs and I kind of have 10 or more under 'top 5' :) I love all pokemon really! If I had the space/funds I'd try to get atleast one thing of each of them <3
I focus on collecting plush, kids, zukan and charms. I also love the anime and games, pokepark and ranger games being my favorites!
I am an artist and when I'm not buying pokemon I am drawing or crafting them for myself or others :)
Check out my full collection under the cut!

My first pan stickers! Also Mareep charm that took me around 6 months to finally find someone to sell me one 8D Got these from schenzi
I think I'm going to start collecting pan stickers of my top 5 (or 10) pokemon ..

New cat zukan! I thought Glameow got lost in the mail but thankfully they just took their time getting to me X'3 Also the infamous cheap ebay Shinx zukan! I'm tempted to paint Skitty's pompom stems black, but rather scared to try lol

I try not to buy flats/bags too often but I caved and bought these :)

I have a weakness for Hoothoot and this figure was too cute to pass up :3 Bonsly charm is also really cute! But now I want Sudowoodo too..

Buneary canvas ;w;! ADORABLE This plush has popped up several times but either I have to pass on it or I was too slow, happy to finally have her :)

With the help of pannsie I was able to finally add Lotad and Daru charms to my collection! (she took darmanitans & lombre/ludi) Also decided I -needed- owls and lizards in my life :) I bought the dreamworld charm for the oshawott/munch part, selling oshawott bed charm if anyone is interested, check out my sales

BIRDS! Been wanting these for a year, and they happened to arrive the same day :)

ALSO!! zugagirl included this with the krow zukan, SO BEAUTIFUL ;w;!!!!! Hope she doesn't mind me showing it :3

GRAIL GET!!!!! Gligar <333333 HE IS AMAZINGGG!! And check out the adorable doodle jensoxen included :3 Also got Scraggy kids because Scraggy is almost as awesome as Gligar *O*

Heatmor and Deino kids from poliwhirl! I didn't think I'd find a Heatmor kid in time for my bday, and ever since he was announced as june set kid i said HE SHALL BE MY BDAY GIFT TO MYSELF! XD She was sweet enough to pick him up for me AND mail him out right away to insure he got to me in time :)!


This guy came today <3! BEST BIRTHDAY MAIL!

Oops, almost forgot these guys! Got these Saturday :) Zukan I never thought I'd own tbh. I really love them all! Lotad however is not a zukan, but still adorable and tiny!

MY BIGGEST BIRTHDAY GET! 1/1 Karrablast! I decided to take sunday-monday off from trades/commissions to make myself something. I had many choices but in the end I decided to go with 1/1 Karra! 8D I've never had something so large before, I keep being surprised every time I see him.. Oh and he's not 100% complete yet as I cant find my embroidery thread ^^;

The rest of the pics are my collection set up! I got a 3-tier spice rack for my birthday (from my mom)! Check out what I did with it!

Perfect size for my zukan! It actually spreads out to double in length but I dont have a longer shelf to put it on >: But this will do for now :) Kinda want to buy one to use for my kids..

Plush mountain getting a bit crowded lol

Can you tell I like Munch? :3


Charms and flats!

View from my desk :)

I got pokepark 2 recently as well! Forgot to photo the case so this screenshot I took will have to do! I think this proves PokePark was made specifically with me in mind |D

And look what toedychan drew me! (hopefully you dont mind i'm sharing it but it made me really happy!)

* LOTAD ZUKAN - either just lotad or full line
*larvitar zukan - either just larvi &/or tyranitar or full line
* Lotad, Shelgon, Mareep/Flaaffy, Gligar, and Munchlax pan stickers
* Ink pad/well! (that pictures any pokemon you see in my collection)

ivyaggron made me these sweet banners! use them to link to my collection site;

Lowered prices + added a few things, including 31cm Lugia plush, Oshawott dream charm, & Buneary zukan!

Thanks for reading! Time to spend the last 40 mins of my bday eating and relaxing :3

-teaser for next update-
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