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Guess Who's Calling Again??

So the other postings of introductions lately have given me the courage to step forward, so - hey there. The name's Youngster Joseph, but you can just call me Joey. ;D I collect - you guessed it - the top percentage of Pokemon! RATTATA!

I know, I know. WHY Rattata? Why that annoying little brat who won't stop popping up in every route? Well, to be honest, I'VE NO CLUE! Rattata has been my favorite for ages and ages, and I love it. <3 So what better to collect than that? Unfortunately, when I joined this community, my collection was very small. I'm talking teeny, teeny tiny.

I had a TOMY figure. xD

Now I haven't sorted through my cards so I'm sure I have some there, and I HAVE since ordered a few more things from members. (Thank you all!! <3) But at that moment, this tiny guy was all I had. I'm okay with it! It was certainly a start. Since joining, I've already acquired 4 mini-models, three of which I purchased from shiningmew, and the fourth which I received as a gift from my close friend (and whom I have to thank for dragging me INTO this money-sink of a hobby) wutastic! I also got a few flats and have a Kid figure on the way at some point, but I'll have to total everything up and take photos later. OH and I got some MIP dogtags from Ebay - a bit of a risk, but I hadn't seen booties of those, and sure enough they're 100% legit and only cost $4.50 shipped. Nice find, eh?

Now, I also have two secondary collections - Charmander and Vaporeon. I know, I have expensive taste, right? Again, gotta total everything up and figure out what I've got. Speaking of that, however, I've got a question...

I have the opportunity to get a MIP Charmander marble bag for about $14 shipped. Is that a good deal? It's an auction that ends in 7 hours and I honestly have noooottt looked at MIP marble bags before and don't know if that's high, normal, or low in terms of price. o_o A little help please?

PS. I WILL HAVE PHOTOS AND ALL THAT UP SOON, ALONG WITH EXTENDED COLLECTION DETAILS! Hopefully later tonight if I can... find my camera cord.... >3<

Youngster Joseph out!! B)

Tags: charmander, rattata, vaporeon
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