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Reminder to pay! And a few wants!

Hi everyone, so my auction went well, I made quite a bit more than I thought but sold less items than i wish I would have!
I'll have the total donated after everyone pays,

On that note I'm still needing payment from dialny, bellyofthewolf, kriscarmi, natsume_85, furrettails, scraft_work, rhys107, milomilotic11, noraluvr58.  I know  few were still waiting on shipping prices but I should have commented to you on it.  I do expect payment by the end of today or i'm afraid I'll have to leave negitive feedback! :( unless you have contacted me, and let me know you need a bit of time and set a date that you will pay, I am assuming you will pay today. Also if I listed you and you have paid then nevermind this notice ^^.

on to other news
I have some plushie wants!
*if any of these pics are your pics let me know and I'll remove them, i got these off google.*

Dark/shadow lugia pokedoll my hubby really wants this, and I wanna get it for him!

I'm in need of Glaceon and Lefeon pokedolls preferably American. loved and clean or mint whichever :D
i know i got this from live journal but i can't remember who :I this is Gin's <3
and I'm also wanting something big, something huge, something that will be expensive haha. Not sure if i want a legendary dog or a lapras, or a new pokemon from black and white, but I want one of those super big plushies!

oh and a very loved DX axew,  ((((or this hat ))) >> very loved as in dirty, bad condition, ect, because i'm going to cut off his head for my son's axew cosplay ^^''

also looking for people figures :D
thanks! <3

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