Fiz (fiztheancient) wrote in pkmncollectors,

mini multipurpose post

Been back from my vacation for a few days now, When I got home I had a bunch of goodies awaiting me~

I kind of got a little addicted to Snivy plushes lol. I found the european talking one in a GAME, bought it and couldn't stop @w@.
I'll need to make a proper update with all of these things in the future, but for now I did update my collection site with all of the items, so check there <3 Also, If I've forgotten to give you feedback, let me know! I tried to go back and give feedback to everyone I bought from if their items came for me in the mail but I probably missed someone.

As always I'm looking for things on my wants list. If you have anything listed there, let me know! Though in general, I'm always looking for anything Mantyke or Audino. I have a lot of it already but show me if you got anything! Heck I'm buying books and clearfiles and such just because they have those two on them, so almost anything goes! :D

I've also done a big update to my sales post!! I've added a bunch of things, mostly zukan, straps and chou get that I managed to find in the UK, and generally took new pictures of everything with some updated prices. Almost all of the pokemon are listed in the sales post so just ctrl+f what you're looking for :3 So click the link above or this banner to go to my sales~

Tags: sales, wanted
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