Chris (ushigofasweet) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Charms

I ship from the United States, Shipping & Fees starts at $2.50 for US and $3.00 for international
I am open to trades (Foongus/Amoonguss only please)
PayPal only please
Granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by Dakajojo


Background Information:

Recently I have been making some Pokemon charms, I think they are adorable, so I have decided to open commissions.
They are all made out of White 'Original Sculpey', hand painted and then sealed for protection.
Standing roughly an inch tall (shorter than a quarter), but size depends overall on the shape of the Pokemon itself.
Quadrupedal ones tend to be shorter, but are more lengthy.

$3.00 for simple (most of them)
$4.00 for complex (usually fully evolved detailed ones)
(Please don't throw overly complex ones at me)

Style and Examples:
As the examples show, they all have a uniform eye style, and lack mouths, with only a few exceptions.
Unless the character is quadrupedal, they lack legs, but do have arms.
Details are also simplified.

I am opening 5 slots (meaning 5 people)
No more than 3 per person please
  1. tyltalis-Swablu/Altaria
  2. tewzi-Joltik
  3. toedychan-Bonsly
  4.  clair2522-Amoonguss, Swoobat
  5.  coh33d-Dwebble, Litwick
EDIT: All slots are filled, but I am willing to make a couple more since only 8 out of 15 charms are technically being taken up. The more charms being made translates into a longer process, I sculpt them, all together, then paint them all together.
But It should not be longer than a week, unless something comes up.

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