gengareric (gengareric) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales and some recent gets

well over my vacation to Bar Harbor I got some new gets including a new display :) and have compiled all of my sales posts into one

First up is a picture of my new display for binders but I still need to make a pokemon cushion for it with some fabric from some old pokemon sheets I have

next is some McDonalds stuff here is the drive through menu thing that show the current toys I turned it into a window hanger because it is kinda see through

A new pokemon McDonalds poster to go with my other one

and a cardboard display poster that I don't even remember seeing a my McDonalds
if you are wondering how I got these it is because I am friends with the manager at my McDonalds :)

And now for the final get a clefairy night light that my Grandparents found for me at a yard sale a good thing my Grandma knows somethings about pokemon because my grandpa thought it was a pig it doesn't even look anything like a pig?

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