alex555 (alex_gaga) wrote in pkmncollectors,

BW new figures question

 Hi guys, I have 2 questions regarding some new BW figures. The first question would be, where can I buy the newest BW Zukan sets for a reasonable price? With the new sets coming out, I want to get them while they're still cheap. For instance, I still need to buy the Hydreigon movie Zukan, also the new Kyurem and Musketeers set, the Meoletta zukan with all the pokemon and want to be ready to receive the new set with Dragonite, Rayquaza and others :) 

 Next question would be, anybody knows where I can get this figure set? 

 I'm only looking to get Haxorus, but if somebody has the link to a store that currently sells it, I would be willing to pay for the set that includes Emboar and Haxorus. Other members in the community have been looking for some figures in the set, so I'm also asking to help the others get them as well. Thanks so much for your attention! Greetings from Mexico :) !
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