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Grails, Shinys, Zukan! Yup, collection update of epic proportions.

So I have a wee bit of time to make this epic post before I head out for Comic Con! Is there still going to be a meet up? Keep me posted, I feel like I missed out for Anime Expo and I wanna meet up sometime during the week. Anyway, I got the last few things I've been waiting on in the mail today. You're a fool if you skip this post! There is SO much epic grail happenings in this post! I can't even fathom how I got so many of these in my possession. Come see! Come see! *Is way too excited to show you all my gets*


So why is this Diamond and Pearl cup so awesome? Is it the cute Teddiursa? Nooo. Starly? Noooooo. Oh, I know! The ever so popular Eevee? Guess again....

This is why this cup is so flipping awesome. 
I've missed out on this cup sooooooo many times during my days of collecting....I don't know why either. Every time I was a few comments too late. This is such a cool piece of merch! I never had to collect kitchen wear for any of my collections. Its so random that he's even on it since this cup is promoting Diamond and Pearl AND he's one of two colored pokeys on the cup.

Whats this glorious piece of fabric?????

*Chorus sings*
I don't even....
When did this happen!? 

So yeah, Breloom is featured on a hand towel and he's the staaaaar! I could literally fold this in half and it would be all him. I was actually very lucky to get this since it was a Y!J auction and I couldn't bid. Luckily for me, rocket_chick who showed me the auction decided to bid on it for me. ;A; It was in a lot of three other gen 3 related hand towels. I gave them my max bid and waited. A few days later we woooooon! But the seller of the towels wrote to us saying that one of the three towels were not included. WHAT!? I asked which one and they didn't know. All we could do is wait until the parcel got to us. Lucky for me, this was one of the two. ;3;

And...and..and......what else?.......

AaaaAaAAaAaaaaaAaAh! I swear, every item I'm showcasing each gave me a mini heart attack. They're all so legendary in my eyes. You all seriously have no idea how many feels I have for these...

My reaction to this specific item......

SO. If you guys remember, Gin won a huge lot of Metal kids, most being gen 3. I told her lemme know if you find any sloths and dang it! She actually did! I never SEEN or knew these Slakoth metal figures existed. All my years of collecting I've never found any info that he existed. Why is it that every time I kid with Gin she finds the item or it magically exists? XD
She had a live streaming where she unboxed them all and I only caught the end of it. I figured she didn't find anything sloth or shroom related but I kept getting comments with smiley faces and excited emoticons. So I went to the thread and out of no where Gin shows me this epic piece of metal....I couldn't believe it. SLAKOTH HAS A METAL FIGURE aaaaaah! I'm sad I didn't know about his existence sooner but I'm also happy I have something so elusive to collect now. I can only hope to find it in gold or silver. *o*
He's so well sculpted, it even has his tufts of hair! He's actually pretty heavy too. He's one of my new favorites for my sloth collection.

And now, an Emonga get!

You guys may have seen this floating around DA. This is an amaaaaaaaaaazing custom made sculpture by DannArte! This figure is perfect. The detail is so impressive, the electricity base is jaw dropping. The paint job and shadows, gorgeous! He almost looks like a zukan piece with that clear peg or those new attack Waza figures. 
I'm sooooooo happy to have this in my collection. ;3; Ever since it was created I knew I needed it for my collection......I needed more  custom emonga's. I'm glad the one I've gotten in awhile was this. 

Onto the custom plush!!!!~

I've been meaning to properly feature this guy for moooooonths! Check out my new "Shiny" Terry Cloth Slakoth plush! He's bigger than I'd expect him to beeeeee but I ain't complaining! He feels like a towel but he's sooooo soft! He was made by Akeyma who did a plush trade with me! Agh! The face and the head spikes are amazing! I love to just grab his arms and carry him on my back. He's such a unique plush in my collection. I adore him.

Speaking of Shiny Slakoth.....have another! 
The world needs more shiny Slakoth!

;3; Baby..........how I dreamt of owning you one day.......it has finally come......
This is a sitting happy Shiny Slakoth plush I commissioned from Cwinget. This is one of my custom grails. I loooooooove when Slakoth is active or happy. He is based off a turnaround I designed. Just....those little teeth...;3; The fabric colors are so vibrant. Shiny Slakoth is one of my all time favorite shines. He was my travel buddy for Anime Expo if anyone caught a glimpse of him.

Here's all my Slakoth plush. Big Terry Slakoth with its baaaaaaabies, pokedoll and the only official Slakoth plush the bean bag terry cloth plush. I want triplets. I'm looking for one more if anyone is selling one!

I also got two new Usakochan plushies in the mail today! These were the items I was waiting for before I made this giant grail get post. They're finally heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!! 
Look at this little baby shroomie! Even back in the Ruby/Saphire days I always thought Shroomish would get a pokedoll. His design is soooooooo Pokedoll-ish. Whats even weirder is that Shroomish has NO existing plush. Period. ]: Why?! He's a ball with dots. Why weren't there no plush made? Oh well, until that glorious day they make a Shroomish plush. I'll have this adorable toadstool to hold me over till then. 

I finally have BOTH my shroomies in pokedoll form. ;3; I thought this would never happen.....agh! She even made Shroomish a little smaller in comparison of Breloom. Just like my Slakoth and Vigoroth. *v*

Whats this?.......GASP!
A shiny patch! 
Run into it! Hurry!

A wild Shiny Mienshao pokedoll appeared!!!!
*shimmer shimmer*
Here is my Shroomish's travel buddy. * She's based off my Mienshao pokedoll art. I made Usako a Abra Pokedoll and she made me thiiiiiiiiiis. Eeee, she's sooooo sparkly! *u* Ever since the Unova sprites were revealed Mienshao was one of my new favorites. Not just Unova but of all time. Theres not too many pokemon that I adore both its normal and shiny variants but Mienshao was already purple and then...then.... she's even more purple when she's shiny! Agh! I love her color schemes equally and thats very rare for me. I asked her for a shiny Mienshao since the Pokemon Center already released a Mienfoo Pokedoll and I'm hoping they'll eventually do an official Mienshao pokedoll in the future. This plush is very special to me on so many levels....

My two fighting type pokedolls! I was surprised how small Mienshao was in comparison of Breloom, they have similar body types since they both have oval heads and long necks. I'm glad they both have unique patterns. She looks amazing with my Mienfoo pokedolls (totally forgot to take pics of her with Mienfoo pokedolls)

Here's all my Usakochan babies! She says I'm one of the few that have commissioned her for more than 3 plush. Just look at this pile of lovelies. *u* I'm only missing one more.....can you guess who's next? 

I'm not sure who I should bring as my travel buddy for Comic Con, Shroomish? Mienshao? Or someone else? Help me decipher who it should be, collectors! I can't make up my mind. Tell me what to do lol

I've also had a zukan craze.....as you can see by the burst of new additions.
I decided to make a zukan page on my website. They're such well made figures with diverse poses, it was so fun taking pictures of them all. 

Here's a few of my recent zukan gets....the pricey ones at that.

*u* I never expected to have this set. Ever. It was a bit of a bid war but its finally miiiiiine. X3 These are fantastic! All with such amazing detail. Little paw pads on them all, Flareon's cute open mouth and up right paw. Jolteon's face and Vaporeons pooooooooose! Looooove it.
Aaaaah! I'm a fan of Milotic and only wanted to get the zukan of her....such a gorgeous figure. I hope I can find the swimming one soon to match.

I just got this one in the mail and paid a pretty penny for it. 
All I need is my Tauros zukan from Renshao and my Norman zukan set will be complete. Will take a pic of that soon.

Getting the Gengar line means I've finally completed my Pokemon In Game teams in zukan foooooooooorm! PHEW What a task! Here's a pic of my Kanto team with said Gengar. c:
My Team Collection tab on my site is now updated with all my region teams!

I also finished my in game team kid collection! With the addition of Krookadile. Here's my Unova Team in kid form. Now I wait for Samurott line and Emonga zukan pieces to come out later this year.

All the photos above along with additional photos and info are located on my collection website. 
Also, zukan wants:
*Charizard line zukan
*Ninetails line zukan
*Mewtwo zukan
*swimming Milotic Zukan
*Dragonite Line Zukan
*Team Rocket Zukan
*Flygon Line Zukan
*Leafeon/Glaceon Line Zukan

*Slakoth, Vigoroth Slaking, Breloom, Shroomish settei
*Slaking, Slakoth Retsuden Stamp
*Emolga soapy
*Absol Pokedoll

*Luxray Banpresto Plush

~Lots of Zukan GA~ 

I've also send off 20 of the 26 parcels from this GA, you should start getting them sometime this week people from the US.
I'm still awaiting payment from the following:
*Andrew1374,*Sneadres, *Umbreongirl, *Know, *Milomioltic11. And *Joshpho, I'm not sure if you paid or not since you commented on the actual post. Just lemme know cuz I might of just missed seeing your payment or something.

All of you please come over to this post to look at your totals and send your payment! Thank you!


Thanks for listening to my grail babble! 
And many thanks to everyone who's helped me get all these amazing new gets!
Happy Collecting!

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