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Quick MPC Group Buy!

Hello there!
First a small update, I was going just to the PO this morning, and it was saying they are opening at 1PM, so I will go there again today and send a batch of packages to people and keep them updated =D

Now, I am here with a small MPC Group Buy (except Kyurem, which is a Banpresto plush)!

- This is a Group Buy, and I will buy it from Noppin.
- There will be three payments due, one is for the items and shipping to Noppin, then from Noppin to me and lastly from me to you.
- Shipping from me won't be much, it would be 4$ (which includes shipping, pacakging and fees) for sure, as MPC plushies are really light. For Kyurem, he looks like he will be under 100 grams, so it should be the same for him too!
- Each plush should be around 5.7$ (per yen to dollar conversion).
- I am willing to claim other plush, if there will be some unclaimed.
- I am claiming Scolipede and rerelease Snivy MPC plushies, others are up for grabs!
Granted sales permission by dakajojo 03/02/11 and my feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/hebitheivan/

Scolipede: me
Cubchoo: rhys107
Snivy: me
Zorua: sugar0coated
Fraxure: pantherotter
Lilligant: howlelujah
Kyurem: clair2522

Now this is confusing....here is the description of the Auction:

Yahoo! オークション出品者による詳細情報を、原文のまま表示しております。


And this is translated into English:

Please stop If you are sticking to the package Please tender of who can acknowledge that over because some part is damaged because it is out of prize tagged, but not used because it becomes a source of trouble . After the cancellation of successful bid, overseas shipment is not available. Thank you no claim no return of the character of the commodity.

Because it is unopened, the initial malfunction of the commodity in the manufacturer-thank you.
We will put the movie version Kyuremu of prize.

Does this mean that Kyurem will not be included? 

Tags: cubchoo, fraxure, group auction, kyurem, lilligant, scolipede, snivy, zorua
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