at_the_porno (at_the_porno) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Just a quick hello/intro~!

Hello~! This is Porno~! :3 Uhm, I'm not very good at introductions, butttt can't say I didn't try now can I? ^^;
I'm obviously a new member here, I decided to join because I love the idea that there are nerds out there like me that really like collecting pokemon stuff. *0* I myself mostly like to collect plushies! And a few pokemon I'd really like to get more of in said plushie collection are Croagunk, Wailord, and Stunfisk. Haha, strange top 3? Yesh. Yesh I know. >:3
I'm kinda currently hunting down my personal grails... Which are the Croagunk pokedoll, a sailor Wailord plush (I think its by bandai..? or tomy..? Goodness I need to find a picture~!), a Wailord pokedoll, and Stunfisk stuff. :3
And with that said... I shall post pictures of my collection as soon as I possibly can~! I'm looking forward to talking/dealing/gushing with you guys, haha~! XD

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