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Highlights of New Gets

Hey collector buddies! <3

I was going to combine this post with a collection update, but since it's going to take a little while for me to set up my new glass vitrin/bookcase, I'm doing this now and posting a collection update/collection re-arrangement with "before and after" photos later, probably next week...
Anyways, I've got a nice amount of packages coming in from trades and buys lately. So it's time to show off the best stuff! Some of them came in ~2 weeks ago, some under 24 hours ago :D I just wanted to pile the best stuff for you to see.


drum rollll.....


- Gengar, Meowth Jakks, Hasbro Spinarak, Johto TOMYs, Rhydon, Big Squirtle and Foam Squirtle from legendaryluna
- Electabuzz and baseless Starmie from Deviantart. I'm so happy for getting Electabuzz. He's getting company from Magmar soon...

Let's look at this one in particular. Beautiful clear Squirtle kid from godudette


Also, a while ago I got this:

I already have SoulSilver, but someone was selling this for cheap used w/Pokéwalker, so why not?
Yesterday I finally got a Modest Togepi in trade from someone on the Serebii.net forums, so I have my team ready and can start playing!

Next some more of the older gets...

(yes, that's a comic page with Dodrio underneath...)

And inside was:

My TOMYs from a deviantart seller! Got a great start to my collection from these ~50 figures. I recorded a video of me opening them from individual wrapping, but it's still unedited and not there's a little music project called 50/90 that's taking up my extra time :'D

More TOMYs from __sasami__, shiningmew and an ebay seller <3

I'm suspecting that Arbok to be a bootie, or just a very ridiculous-eyed official figure :'D

A whole lot of TOMY figures and misc! Some from a trade with rhys107, and some from coffeeon

A couple more TOMYs and some Meowth stuff <3 From a trade with shinysuicune
I really like the TFG, it's so dynamic! Now I have two TOMYs, so one can be in my Meowth collection and one in my TOMY collection. :'D Yes this has been a problem for me >s>although not really</s>.

From caffwin. I'm near to owning all Squirtle kids I know exist!

GA haul and others...

Look at that beauty from shiningmew!

He looks almost as if he's blushing ^__^

Me and aarux traded, I got kitties! I love the drawing~

Stuff from rainyan!

Cute awesome mini plush!

An even cuter and more awesome ceramic diorama <3 A bit dirty in the photo, but it's been cleaned by now. It's fun to notice how Squirtle and Poliwhirl are often associated in merch, like here and with the music box (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's this one.)

I traded some stuff to threetwodot and got this cutiepie~~

It's so tiiiny and wonderful <3 Modelled after a few Squirtle laying plush.

While we're on the Squirtle roll.... I did a trade with raikourai and eeeeeep!

It's a PBP Squirtle! My biggest so far. I think there still is a life-size one, but PPP doesn't have it and it's very rare... sigh - a grail status. Does anyone know anything about that massive plush?

Old Banpresto Meowth to join my Banpresto Squirtles!

And the "aborted fetus Meowth", which is actually kind of cute in person!

The next Blastoise came from kriscarmi, a bargain!

Tag has been cleaned now.

Small flaws, that can be fixed:

From danielsard2 and Ebay. SO MUCH ATTITUDE.

Finally, a certain biiig gurl came my way from a trade with sorjei

Felia the photobomber ragdoll cat joined in.

Ommmggg she's so wonderful and big!
I am in love with the Giratina, she is even bigger than I thought (a positive surprise) and she rules my side collection shelf, looking like she's yelling "I am your queeeen!" at all the others.
I love this big girl, she's gorgeous and will be cherished as a gem in my collection <3
Here are some photos of Giratina in her new home XD

Thanks for looking, although the post turned into quite a long one ~

And as always, I'm going to include a random trades plug, especially since it's been updated:
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