kawaii-clamp-fan (miss_fuu_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Clefairy Wanted!

Hey all! <3 thanks to work being extremely busy lately, I've been absent from the community for a while, but I'm back - I've missed you guys! ^_^

I thought i'd post a quick wanted post - I narrowly missed out on a huge want of mine lately (the very last Pokedoll I need!) - since so many new members have joined Imthiught it'd be worth asking in case anyone had this cutie and were thinking of selling her <3

It's the Clefairy Pokedoll! I have the plush plush already but would love to get hold of her sister <3 can anyone help? Please let me know!

With the Summer holidays soon, I'll finally have time to work on updating my website, Www.amitysquare.co.uk - I can't wait to share my new additions! ^_^

Happy collecting everyone!
Tags: clefairy
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