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Questions + Wants List!


Forgive me for not being more active in the community.I do lurk a lot and occasionally leave comments though! Just haven't really had much time to make posts. Some of you may have forgotten who I am BUT THAT'S OKAY. I am in the process of doing a huge overhaul on my website; I've been taking new pictures of each of my items, so when that post comes, I will throw so many Piplups in your faces. 8D

ANYWAYS, for the first part of my post, I have a question. With the recent release of Toy Factory plushes (the set which included Zorua, Snivy, etc.), there was a nice image that listed the various sizes of the plushes. I was wondering if there was anything similar to that for earlier releases of Toy Factory plushes? I am unfortunately a completionist when it comes to collecting plushes, and I want to own every single size of Piplup Toy Factory plushes. But I can't do that if I don't even know how many different sizes there are! If anyone has any info, that'd be so awesome ;o;


Here's a link to the things I've been on the hunt for... some of the items I can find on Y!J or similar sites, but I've been holding out for maybe a cheaper alternative ;__;  CLICK ME FOR WANTS LIST!!

The priority items on that wants post are the Christmas pokedoll, Halloween plush, large 3 ft Piplup (yeah right, like I'll ever find this...) and Gengar's Shadow (Pokemon Tales book - SERIOUSLY GUYS, THIS IS THE LAST BOOK I NEED TO FINISH THAT COLLECTION D: D: D: ), so if you have any of those, I'll give you big bucks. $$$$!

Lastly, I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY! WOOHOO!!!! Since I've graduated, I've made plans for moving in around mid-September! That's why I've been so diligent with taking pictures... since I've been packing up my collection into boxes. Soooo... where am I moving to? The answer is... Seattle!

It's around two months away, but I'll be in a brand spanking new place, and I won't really know anyone there, so the obvious answer is.. make connections through PkmnCollectors! x) Are there any Seattle Pkmncollectors here (pretty sure there are a good amount XD)?!  Would you be interested in meeting up at some point? I DON'T WANT TO BE FOREVER ALONE OKAY I'm already planning to meet up with the lovely nagaineko, and would love to meet some more of you in person! <3
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