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Some gets, wants and few questions!

Hi everyone! I've been busy this past week and finally found time to get to post my gets from some awesome community members. Also I have a few wants and some questions if you all could help me with that. A bunch of photos following the cut so be prepared!


So follow me to the cut to see some new gets, a few wants, and questions!! 

Thanks to everyone who has helped me expand my collection!

So I was looking over my collection and I'm thinking I only want to get Japan Pokedolls with both tags. So if anyone has some that are looking for new home shoot me a pm.

After receiving the Happiny Pokedoll, I decided she is so adorable that I would love to collect Happiny along with Ninetales and Suicune. So like the other two collections this would be anything with Happiny, so once again if you have some merchandise that is looking for a new loving home shoot me a pm!

Wants! I would love more plush, but things are getting kind of tight as my son's birthday is coming up. Along with me he love Pokemon, so I'm finding a few things for him to play with. Anyone with some used or played with items looking for love let me know please! Poor kid has to look at my collection threw the glass, so I thought I would put that out there. 
I'm wanting some bigger plush right now for my collection, so if anyone has any Suicune, Happiny or Ninetales looking for love send me a pm! 
Those are my only wants right now, there is sure to be more soon. 

Question time.
I'm still learning the ropes, so where do I post the feedback for members? 
Does anyone know a collector website or good place to make a note of all the Ninetales, Suicune and Happiny merchandise out there?
Are there any Ninetales plush? I see a lot of customs, but just wanted to ask if they officially made any.
I saw there is a huge Suicune plush, How often do people find them for sale? And does anyone know a good price range?

Thanks so much! Now on to the new gets and a couple customs!


These adorable Pokedolls are both US version.


Pokedolls and custom charms (made by someone else) are from seiichu Thanks so much! 


Suicune kid and charm from neeko48 I love them, thanks so much!


I won these two babies on eBay, I wanted the Glaceon Japan Pokedoll. Eevee is US Pokedoll.


This cute little Kyogre Pokedoll is form lunarchik13 Thanks so much!


My first Ninetales items! It begins! Ninetales card and battle coin.


Suicune, Raikou, Entei game cards. Ninetales card and coin and these game cards are from kyogres Thanks so much!


I love Happiny. She is so cute! I got this Pokedoll on eBay, and the seller send me free Pokemon cards with it!


I won this little charm on an auction here on pkmncollectors. Thanks so much dtrain4eva


Ninetales Kid from kriscarmi


I got this Pikachu SonoKong Plush from gleameyesluxray Thanks so so much! He is so soft and cuddly! If only they made a cuddle Suicune or Ninetales!


Here he is again without the plastic wrap. :)


So I had been waiting for my first Ninetales merch to come in and thought maybe I'd try paint one. I've been doing little things on old book pages with acrylic paint. Here is a custom Ninetales on an old dictionary page. I'm happy with how it turned out. :) I might just make more of different Pokemon if I find the time. 

QUESTION! I kind of got a bit off in centering her, Should I add the Ninetales at the bottom to fill in the blank space? Or just leave it? 


I got this custom sticker from etsy, I love it!


Lastly, I finally added the eyes to the Mew I crochet. I'm liking how it turned out. 

Thanks everyone for all your help! Have a wonderful day/night/morning! Where ever you are. :)

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