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Emperor of Awesome - A Special Collection Update

It's official, I have 50% of the Empoleon plush made (according to PPP). It feels great! I want to thank dezchu again for hosting the GA I won my new plush in! 
I decided to do a photostory for this. It's my first one so I apologize f it isn't very good -__-;

Meet my friends! Empoleon, Aragorn (prinplup), and Seattle (piplup).

all of my pics are being deleted when I use cut so here is a link:

I hope you all liked my photostory hahaha
That's it from me today. I hope you all have a great weekend
I have started sending out the Mewtwo and Wailmer GA items and I will try to send them all out by friday next week. Expect them soon!
Cut isn't working.... is this happening to anyone else?

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