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Introducing Shaymin lunatic!

I've been eagerly waiting to get accepted into this seemingly really cozy community. My heart skipped a beat when I saw today, that I am allowed to post now! :>

My name is Angelica, and I'm from Sweden. My love for Pokémon started back in the days of 1999 with the RBY games and the trading card game, which I eagerly collected. I stopped collecting it all together around the time when gen 3 was released, but I've continued to be a fan of the games.

Earlier this spring I found out that my parents had thrown out the majority of my old TCG collection, which upset me way more deeply than I thought it would do. I had a few cards left, but it was far from everything; I had almost completed every set from Base to the Gym sets, and owned a lot of the genesis sets... So I started collecting it again this spring, and I've almost completed base set, which is the only set I plan on actually completing.

Other than that I collect the cards I like, but I also do a bit of Shaymin collecting on the side! It is a pretty meager collection, but here we go:

This was the first Shaymin I got. It only cost less than a dollar in swedish money, and was actually a keychain. It came loose however, and now I don't really know where the chain is. :C Which is sad because this Shaymin is sulking so much that it doesn't really look good when it just stands around, which is why I had to photograph it like this. I don't remember what brand it was.

My latest Shaymin from Takara Tomy. :'> I haven't packed it up yet, but I will do so soon. This one is looking up a little more and you will actually be able to see it's face, compared to the shy keychain Shaymin.

Not quite sure what brand this is either, if someone knows, please tell. :> I really love it. And yet again I haven't completely packed it up. Each metallic shaymin is still safe inside a plastic little wrap. = 3 =;

Shaymin 14/127 Platinum set. It pretty much speaks for itself. I have the 38/127 card from the same set on it's way here as well.

So. My collection isn't very impressive haha. But there isn't too much Shaymins out there sadly, and most little figurines sadly looks the same, at least when it comes to her ground forme. I don't really like the sky forme at all so that's why I don't have any items with it.

^ Does anyone have any information on this item? I ordered it from a seller from Hong Kong on ebay, but was refunded after a few days since it was out of stock. It made me a little sad because I really really fell in love with this item, since it shows Shaymin in a less generic pose than usual.

Ok I guess that's it for now! I also own a banpresto Munna plushie, but it's not at my place for the moment, so I can't photograph it. If anyone has a Shaymin item for sale etc that I don't own, feel very free to show me. <3 I am still trying to figure out what to focus on. I know for sure however that I don't want to stop with just Shaymin. But for the moment, she's my main interest. :)
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