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I hate Jetlag.

KYA. I'm still not into my normal sleep pattern >>;

But, I am back, and I come bearing messages - And loads of images of stuff from Japan. I'll show you some of the highlights merchandise-wise.

kanackering - Thanks for holding Larvitar! BTW - I picked you up a Gallade Tomy MC if you still need him! Though I should warn you - He was the last from the store and has a sticky security barcode on the back of the box --;
warandromance, doctorsidrat & kefanii - I received everyones packages! Thanks guys! If there's anywhere I can leave feedback for ya, let me know.
denkimouse - Thanks again for everything <3

I'll start off with 10th Anniversary plushies.

Chikorita and Cyndaquil had to come from Pokemon Center Yokohama - Tokyo had sold out entirely! I'm so happy to finally have a Squirtle & Totodile Pokedoll. I'll still be on the lookout for their older forms too, but I'm happy with these guys right now.

Freebie lighter pen from Pokemon Center Tokyo! All I had to do was show them my Dialga/Palkia in my game cart.

VS CARDS, DP STYLE. I got a fair few, some of which (doubles) will be up for grabs in a sales post, but these are some of my faves. Vs Cards are some of my fave card types overall, too.

An awesome item picked up in Jusco - The last one, on clearance from 800 Yen to 100 Yen. My mum actually found it first, leading me to some discounted Digimon items too.


......So happy.

Can you tell Leafia/Glacia got a good update?

Greatest. Puzzle. EVER. Mostly because of Pikachu being absent for a nice change

I wanted Electabuzz or Mimirol. I got....

....2 x Leafeon/Glaceon and a Dialga. I'll probably put one Leafi/Glaci up for auction if there's interest.

Gligaaaaar. My starter, Empoleon. And my other team member, Infernape! TRU in Yokohama was the only place with Infernape - But I'm so glad they had him.

UFO Catchers are awesome. AND SO ARE THESE GUYS.

No idea on the real name, so I'll call 'em 'Scooper'. Sorry for the trademark - It was going in my travel blog >>; If I get time, I'll upload a clearer pic.
Wait, isn't that a clear Volt tackle Pika?

.....And there were other clears in there when I came back the next day. I nearly missed Gallade! It's best to go in the morning though - Kids swamp that machine during the evening and weekends.

From the 'scooper' arcade machine (Proper name would be love if anyone knows). I accidentally ended up winning 2 x Gallade. Salamence was purchased from Gin, and came with some lovely freebies <3 I also got Electivire & Staraptor, not shown.

And more main prizes from the machine (Larger Croagunk and Happiny only). You can see Happiny still in the machine in the pic above.

Sales post items....? Yeah, a lot of them will be. Mostly from the Scooper machine again.

I also came across a cheap secondhand store. Houndoom Zukan for $1? Thank you <3

These were 100 Yen each.

These were.... 100 Yen for ALL of them. Not shown is another Squirtle card and an Eevee retro Kids figure card. And some flip card with random bird Pokes on it.

The fact that I had no idea Absol was in it was awesome. I only saw the Gust of Wind card, and the back Pikachu promo XD Oh yeah, 100 Yen for all of them.

Being a large talking Lucario, we was more expensive. 300 Yen ($3).

And finally, to end -

Full box of Kids. Which I plan on keeping in there, sealed. And a couple of other 100 Yen items from my favourite shop (-Pokemon Centers + Square Enix Showroom).

A sales post will be coming either later today or tomorrow, and store_xiii will be temporarily back open. I'll reply to any messages soon!
....And I hope I haven't forgotten anyone/anything. Watch this space XD;
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