Maggie (yellowmudkip) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The Servine That Survived!

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone's beating the heat with your ice or water type pokemon. Speaking of heat, this little Servine has survived one of the hottest appliances of the kitchen... The microwave! :O

Since LJ's being dumb and deleting everything from my cut, please see the story here:

I also have two questions:

Yet again, an item I'd like had shown up on ebay uk, and they don't ship to the USA. I was wondering if anybody could middleman for me please? <3 I'd really appreciate it!

Plus, I really wanna know what is that song that originally played in the Pokemon movie 15 trailer (It's that together forever song in the original trailers before it got replaced by Rola's song) Whatever it was I can't find the song anywhere, and it's NOT Memories by Rola. If anybody knows what that song it, I'd sure be greatful! <3

Tags: dewott, mime jr., pikachu, servine, woobat
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