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I've been here for over a year so I should make an introduction

Hello everyone! I've been registered here for over a year now, but I never made an introduction post! Back when I joined, I didn't know how lj really worked, so I made a small "introduction" on my main lj, thinking that my pkmncollectors posts would automatically be shown on my blog--but alas, I just jumped right into this community asking for stuff and saying "look, look, I have some plush toys!"

So, I think I should actually introduce myself: I'm forest_snivy! I used to not have a favorite Pokemon (because I like all of them), but now my favorite is Keldeo! I just received these in the mail from Sunyshore and I couldn't be happier!

Actually...I could be happier. How? Well, I don't collect Keldeo--I collect N! My goal is to have all of N's official merchandise (and some other major life goals but who needs those when you have N? this is my pkmncollectors introduction!)

I haven't really been as active as much lately but Pokemon Mate is forcing me here because college has been incredibly stressful for me. Still, I try to visit at least once a day! I hope to continue to make new friends here!

Thanks for reading!

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