night_requiem (night_requiem) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introductions & Wants

Hi guys! I've been lurking around a little bit now and I'm sort of getting into all of this. Curse you wrens as I kiss all my money good bye. So onwards to my tiny collection of random things.


Now that I'm hear I'm planning to get more specific with my collecting! Focusing mainly on bird pokemon, because I love birds, and even more specifically, the Starly line because they're my faves haha. Non-bird wise I love dunsparce, deerling, galvantula & cubchoo.

Bird Pokemon Wants
I have a few wants. I'm sort of just checking out prices and availability at the moment, but I'd love to know if any of you guys are willing to sell these. A shipping rate to Australia would also be really helpful! Thanks ;^;

Wingull Jakks Staravia 5" UFO Chatot Pokedoll Pidove Keychain Plush
Jakks Wingull | Banpresto UFO Staravia | Chatot Pokedoll | MPC Pidove

I'm also very interested in expanding my Starly line collection. So if you have anything I will be interested!
Tags: chatot, introductions, staravia, starly, wanted, wingull
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