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Today I have purchased the entire stock of 100 prizes of a local 711's kuji.

Don't worry -- they had two kuji sets and I only bought one... I did think of the children!!! I did not plan to do this whatsoever... I only stopped in to see when they might be starting in the morning. But, the 711 staff recognized me and the manager came to make me the special offer.

After thinking it over for a few hours, I went back with a posse, and we walked back...with...

all totals under here. if you did not get all your prizes, you may be approached with same-price offers from the other collectors here in japan, so stand by. these totals are for all items i got today.

please pay to denkimouse (at)
please take 3$ from your entire total if you already have a sunyshore order or pokemate goods you've paid for.
please make the subject of the payment your LJ username

totals!Collapse )

AND PHOTOS! very photo heavy under here!

pics!Collapse )

I have a few extra prizes too if anyone might like them :)
Meowth or Pikachu Small Towel x2 each: 10$
Cute Lounging Pikachu Strap x5: 10$
Cute Pikachu Ceramic Teacup x3: 10$
Adorable Pikachu Mini Ceramic Bowl... my last one! x1: 10$

I also have one of the "Last One" Pikachu Prize Statue. I will be looking for 75$ for it, but it is currently on hold.

Just comment if you want anything.... and THANKS ALL! :D
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