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Hey everyone! For once I'm not posting about buying stuff xDD

So finally I have a DS and I can catch up with all my Pokemon-playing friends. I have Pearl, Diamond and Ranger. Ranger thus far is looking rather good, different, if a bit annoying at times. ^_^

Doing some window-shopping today I found these in a shop:

They're very, very small Pokeball-plushes. From what I can tell they only have Pikachu, Piplup, Chimchar, Munchlax and Manaphy. I was going to buy a Munchlax until I realised they were pokeball plushes. xD I don't know how rare/old these guys are. So I thought I'd offer to buy and ship them for people who want them. As shown in the image they're £3 to buy. I'd be willing to buy there for people with little or no profit, and mail them out. You'd pay for the item and shipping of course (About $5 for international and $4 for the UK where I am). I don't know when I'd next be able to go, but if you're interested, comment here and let me know ^^

Also, on a similar topic, I found this on ebay: 'Mystery Dungeon vending figures' I'd like to buy these for myself. But I'm mostly interested in the scene of Munchlax/Piplup/Turtwig. So I was wondering if anyone was after the Pikachu/Bidoof/Chimchar scene, and would be willing to go halves on this with me? One of us can win the auction, the other person paypals over half the amount (for the auction and shipping) and then whoever gets the packages mails out the other half to the other person. *shrugs* Something like that? I don't even know if I'm allowed to do this or not~ It's not a pre-sale or a group auction. I just wanted to check that no-one else would be interested ^_^ Let me know if you are and we can work something out =D

On a final note. I have decided that I will be taking part in the Community Bell Plush contest ^_^ I have thus far four Pokemon lined up, starting with the most basic of them/those with the easiest designs (I think) anyway. But I'll see how I go. I was just wondering, as I've not made anything like these before, if anyone new of any good plush-making guides, or patterns that might help? I'm not looking for full guides or anything just something to help get me started. ^^;; I hope this doesn't count as cheating O_O

Take care! ^_^
Tags: bidoof, chimchar, manaphy, munchlax, piplup, plush, turtwig, zukan
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