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Massive collection weeding sales!

I've been tidying out my room and decided to do a massive collection weed. This is the biggest weed I've ever done and I haven't posted regular sales for over a year now, so... there's a lot of stuff in here! I have tons of straight sales and a bunch of neat stuff for auction, including Pokemon Time, Eeveelutions and sleeping Gizamimi among other things. Auctions end in roughly a week so head over and check 'em out! Also, thanks to pannsie for coming over today and helping me sort out all my sales stuff XD

Head on over to my sales journal to check out the auctions and sales! All terms within.

(I'll be going to bed soon so I may reply tomorrow, also my LJ notifications are screwed up again - are anyone else's?)

Feedback here
Sales permission grandfathered

Also, I'm after a Cottonee kid, if you have one please let me know how much it would be to Australia! I'd like it with box and sticker if possible, but the box can be flattened.
Tags: auction, eevee, gizamimi pichu, sales, shaymin
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