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Sales post!

I've been meaning to trim down my collection a little, so here are some items that might be of interest. Large TOMY figures, zukan sets, kids figures, and a bit more under the cut. ^^

Payment: Paypal greatly preferred, but I'll accept concealed cash and money orders (Postal money orders only, please) if you're in the US.

Trades: Not accepting trades at this point. Sorry!

Shipping: Shipping will be at 2 dollars within the US and go up or down depending on what you purchase. For buyers outside of the US, shipping will be at 3 dollars.

All have their tags and brand new.

Pikachu: $6
Eevee: $12
Blastoise: $6
Charmander: $10

Both have been displayed, but have no marks or anything.

Piplup family: $8 Sold!
Chimchar family: $8 Sold!

Displayed, but still in excellent condition.

Budew family: $5 Sold!

Regirock has a tiny blue dot on its head. All others are in perfect condition.

All are 2 dollars, buy the full Regi family for 5 dollars. Regi family has been sold, all others are still available.

These ones are from my personal collection. Dragonair has some paint scuffs, Charizard is a v-trainer and in very good condition (small black back on the back of a wing), Torchic is in perfect condition.

Charizard: $4 Sold!
Dragonair: $4
Torchic: $3

Card tin, a few light scuffs but very hard to notice.

Tin: $5 Sold!

Burger King Articuno toy. No longer makes any sound, but the wings still flap.

BK toy: $2

Excellent condition.

Deoxys phone charm: $2
Tags: articuno, charmander, chimchar, deoxys, eevee, kids, pikachu, piplup, sales, zukan
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