drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auctions, Sales, Quick Notes

All right guys, I KNOW I SAID I'D STOP POSTING but. i don't know. atleast i'm not spamming? haha. ._.;
Anyway, i decided to downsize yet again, so i have some plush for auction, and more sales! Please help me get rid of things.

Auctions include tomy Munchlax plush, lotto Tepig, Togekiss pokedoll, and custom Vanillite plush!

Click here or the picture for auctions

I have also updated my sales and lowers prices. I also have premade hats and plush for sale!

Click here or the picture for sales!

I am currently accepting trades for customs or things from my wants! 8D

And a few notes -
Banpresto GB's - They have arrived at noppin, i am waiting for another item I bought to arrive so they can be shipped together (i will cover shipping for that)

Custom Commissions - I have lots done! Unfortunately I ran out of stuffing for plush so I cannot do those until I get some next week! Afterwards I shall get right going again!

Finally, Please let me know if i need to leave you feedback. I have seriously been so bad about this, i know people have left me feedback but i don't often leave it in return! just comment here with your link so i can get right on it <3 (or if you want to exchange feedback, let me know)
Tags: auction, axew, drifloon, munchlax, oshawott, pichu, pikachu, sales, tepig, togekiss, vanillite, victini
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