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A tiny want list, and I need a lot of advice :)

Starting off by telling you all that I made my first ever community purchase today! A Shaymin kid.

So it's time for me to assemble a want list! Keep in mind that I'm a complete newbie when it comes to collecting more seriously, so I might not even know what some items are called, or if they are bootlegs or not. (I'm hoping to improve my judgement by spending time here though.) I also don't really know much about how much and diverse merch there actually is out there. So any suggestions or recommendations would be lovely. Just by being here for a day I've seen a few cool items with Shaymin that I didn't know existed.

So before this is officially a wall of text (I just really love rambling @__@) here comes the want~

I think this is a vinyl figure by Bandai? I really love this. She looks so not impressed.

I have no idea what this is, but it's a Shaymin land forme with some actual dynamic to it. Not just standing there looking either worried or depressed. It's actually some go in it, and then there's the..key chain thing that's just whoa what is that even. Thankful for info about this. <3



I just have NO idea what this is. I asked about this in my introduction post as well. I found it on ebay quite cheap, but was refunded after placing an order due to it being out of stock. It was a hong kong seller, and most likely a bootleg product. But it's so so pretty ;__;

Also I'd like some shopping advice. As people can probably tell already, I pretty much only know about the merch I've seen on ebay and amazon. I mostly browse the items, but rarely purchase anything, since I'm afraid my terrible judgement might get me ripped off on a bootleg, or perhaps just someone who overprices their products.

I also wanted to point out that for the moment I'm having a month where I've had a lot of unexpected expenses (such as new glasses x__X) so might be a month or two before I actively start to pursue buying a lot of stuff. I'll go for cheaper stuff if I find something, for the moment.

So that's it for now. I won't be focusing on plushies right now. Where I live for the moment I have to share room with my sister, and I just don't have place for them right now. Palmsized stuff perhaps, but nothing big. So focusing on figurines and other tiny little stuff.

Other pokémon merch I'm interested in are Vulpix, Munna and Taillow for the moment. :>
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