torrid_phoenix (torrid_phoenix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Multipurpose post!

Alright, this is a shipping update, sales reminder, and a question!

To everyone who has bought from me, your orders were sent today! (: Thank you so much!

Also, do you guys get bubble mailers at the post office, online, or somewhere else? I went to a different post office than I usually do, and to my surprise, they didn't have any of the small bubble mailers that I usually buy! All they had was the "decorative" bubble mailers, and they were more expensive, of course. ): It was kind of upsetting, but I really wanted to ship today. I shouldn't be so hasty... Anyways, do you all get them from a wholesale retailer, or what? I want to get a lot for my money and not run into the same problem that I did today ever again. ):

And I've still got a lot of Pokedolls and Jakks plush left! I've got some figures, too! Please check out my sales post!

Click the picture to be transported!

Tags: sales
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