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get + trading + help me get beach sand? :D

I have three orders of business with you today, my friends, and they consist of this:
   - Mini get!
   - We can has trades?
   - I want you to go to the beach.

Let us dive right in. 8)

...climbin' in your window, snatchin' yo' people up?!

That's not a froggish silhouette!

A wild VAPOREON appeared!

Yeah, I got one too. XD Story time for any interested: When I joined the comm I, of course, decided to collect Politoed. But I also wanted to get a plush or figure here and there of other Pokemon I had a fondness for, my childhood Gen I favourites in particular. One of those happened to be Vaporeon.... Yeahhh, my dreams got dashed pretty fast. XD But then! The infamous unofficial plush began appearing!! I got hopeful again when I saw the Vaporeon but I didn't want an ugly plush just for the sake of having a plush. I watched as other members bought it and shared pictures, and it turned out to look pretty nice outside of stock photos too! Huzzah! I still wasn't sure about the cost at the time, but then no_pizzazz descended from heaven and I got one for a fantastic deal I couldn't pass up. ;w; Thank you so much ♥♥

I feel like a little kid again hugging it. Vaporeon was my favourite Eeveelution because I adored water types and it just looked so majestic. I always evolved my Eevees into Vaporeons. So even though it's not like a grail or anything to me, it's still really special and it makes me so happy to look at her.

I don't think I've seen many others do detail shots, so have a few if you're curious:

Obviously fake tags are obviously fake. XD The hang tag is pretty low quality printing, too, kinda faded. But at least the tush tag has a fun little design... even if the production year is different from the hang tag, pfff.

Also snipped her tail away from her body because that's how I roll. B)

Is my body too bootylicious for ya, babe?

She's almost 17 inches long with her tail uncurled. XD It's kind of funny because when I first got her I thought she was adorable, of course -- AND VERY VERY SOFT, PEOPLE HAVE NOT LIED -- but I found it awkward to hug her because of her tiny body. Then... I accidentally fell asleep with her in my arms and woke up and was all, huh, guess she's more cuddly than I thought. XD

She had a lot of loose threads, mostly around her neck frill, like others have mentioned, which is easily remedied with some scissors. It could be some kind of mock fabric since minky seems a little expensive for cheap bootlegs (but who knows?), but she honestly feels like my Tympole Pokedoll and talky Oshawott plushes. She's completely made of it, except her back frill is felt and her face is embroidered. She really is super soft and overall well made. I'm impressed and my inner child is so happy. <3 I'd recommend her for any Vappy lovers. c: I'm still contemplating a name for mine.

Have some weakly attempted fancy photographs because I felt in the mood but it was already getting dark outside:


Bonus shot because my mom got a new pet toad and why not:

My baby girl, Minta, on the right, and my mom's new cutie on the left, named Lily. ♥


We can has trade? (Or purchase?)


Me and sorjei got a couple Pokemon Time straps recently but our bookmarks do not satisfy us! We got the patterned Cubone and Lapras bookmarks and would like to trade and/or buy for others.

I'm looking for the Politoed bookmarks, of course. Patterned or not, doesn't matter, I have neither. sorjei would like the Larvitar or patterned/regular Mareep bookmarks. We both have 10+ feedback for trading, and sorjei was also granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo. Anyone interested in trading me will have to wait a little longer since she's gonna slip my bookmark in the mail to me over the weekend. :3

If you're not interested in trading we're both willing to buy the bookmark(s) off of you as well! And if we don't get trade offers sorjei is still willing to sell her Lapras bookmark. I might be willing to sell when I get sales permish but I might get attached since I love bookmarks, haha. It doesn't hurt to express your interest though. C:

SO YEAH, JUST LET US KNOW. We will love you. :D


Your Mission: Go to the beach!

Wut? No, really. If you were around the comm late last year you might remember me asking this once before. X)

Just like we have our collections, my mom collects sand from other countries! With the help of some members last year I got her a couple things of sand for Christmas and she was so excited and said it was the best gift she'd ever gotten. Her birthday is in late September but since mail can take a while and this isn't something that's easy to just go pick up (for most people) I wanted to have more time to work with.

I'm fully willing to pay the shipping cost, and if you want a couple bucks for your time I completely understand. C: It doesn't have to be much sand -- a palmful, a spoonful, whatever! -- and it doesn't have to be from a fancy beach; sandy lakes are perfectly acceptable. Little seashells or stones or other bits of lake debris are a really pretty touch but not necessary. You can package it in a little bottle or a couple of ziplock bags, doesn't matter! Whatever's convenient for you.

That said, places she already has sand from are:
- Florida
- California
- Texas
- Hawaii
- Chile
- Puerto Rico
- England
- Jamaica
- Israel (the Dead Sea)

I'm not looking for any specific countries, but Japan or China might be cool? It doesn't have to necessarily be from an "exotic" locale either. If you know a place near you that has pretty or unique-looking sand, let me know! I live in Canada, so you can get a shipping quote ♥

Thanks so much guys. :D
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