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Yes! My Sunyshore package arrived today. :D But what did I see when I opened it?

Bad Toothy. >:[

I kid. xD I got to eat my Pan all by myself (well I shared a bite with my mom, and she really liked it too! :D) Pokemon Pan is VERY delicious.

Click the cut to see what sticker I got and what was in my Sunyshore package. :D Thanks, Gin! :D

Yay! I am glad I got a cute sticker. :D I hoped for the Munchlax/Snorlax one of course, but I like this too. :3

Gin drew me a Munchlax! :D

Here's the goodies! Clear Pink Munchie, Munchie Badge, Snorlax keychain and GOLD Snorlax Keshimon!

What's that Toothy? Yes you are in the picture too. -_- *sigh*

Here's a closeup of the tiny pretties. :D I looove them. <3

Also, I went to the Darkrai Event today! :D While there, I picked up the Darkrai Box Set. :3

YES! :D I AM EV TRAINING THIS BAYBEE. <3 <3 I didn't even have to reset to try again! :D

I got there a little before noon. My TRU was pretty empty. D:

Swags. :D I didn't use my coupon. IT WILL BE HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE, YOU'LL SEE. xD

Yay. :D Giant Card is Giant. :O Also, I want to learn how to play TCG. :D There's a league near where I go to school, so once I am back down there in August I will be all set! :D

The nice pulls I got in the packs of my Darkrai box. :3 LOL at Diglett. xD

Finally, I would like to tell you the story of Toothy. Toothy is a very special Snorlax. <3

This is Toothy. He didn't always look this way. Toothy grew up on the wrong side of the Safari Zone Tram Tracks. As a young Snorlax, he at anything and everything and didn't always watch what he ate. One particular day, Toothy accidentally tried to nom a Mama Kangaskahn's Baby... don't worry he never had a chance. xD

I'll spare you the gore, but let's just say she re-arranged his face. ;_;

The reconstructive surgeon tried his best, but some things were unfixable.

Poor Toothy tried many things to change his appearance.

He tried covering himself with a sheet... but people just said "Toothy, Halloween was ages ago!"

He tried wearing a bag on his head, but that just made it hard to breathe. :(

He tried pulling his cap down on his head, but people just thought he was a burgler. D:

He traveled far and wide seeking a fix for his problem.

Finally, he came into contact with some other Snorlaxes and realized all he needed to be happy was his own kind. :D (AWW SAPPY LOL)


Also, I have an Espeon from Majestic Dawn that I pulled today. It is non-holo. I would like to trade it for a Secret Wonders Raikou (non-holo).

Thanks to whoever read all that. ;D

OH YEAH. I forgot this originally, but have you ever wanted to see the complete set of Pokemon Pan stickers? Like ALL they way back to the beginning? I have found the site for you! :D

Pokemon Pan <3

Click the Blue Button to get started. :3
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