Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A College Companion... (AKA A WANT) ACHIEVED <3

So I have a... big... want. I'm not sure why, but I feel the need to bring a giant plush with me to college. My boyfriends mom ordered me an 18" appa plush, but it was not as big as I thought it'd be... at all... and my mind just keeps going back to that dragonite pillow plush I turned down at anime next. So, here's my want:


A Game Freak Dragonite Pillow

I... basically... need... to have it. And before sept 1st. And honestly, I'm not really caring much whether it has the tag or not because it's going to be my cuddle buddy in college. I turned it down at anime next because it was just so expensive but I am super regretting it... So if anyone has/knows where to get one (at a decent price? T_T) PLEASE let me know... It used to be on amazon but they ran out of stock. I remember smeone telling me they saw it at San Diego Comic Con too... Also, I would need it to be held for a little while because I just spent a lot of money recently, and my mom will FREAK out if this gets delivered here anytime soon.... But  do need it before sept 1st... thanks everyone for your help...

Oh, and Bell says hi

(Also, it's 1am here in NJ, so this is my Saturday post =3)
(Also! I feel dumb for spelling Dragonite wrong in the LJ cut name XD Typo)

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