♡ Kami ♡ (pastelkittyy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
♡ Kami ♡

Noppin help!

Hi guys! I just finally started using Noppin because a grail came up last minute (45 minutes left! *hyperventilate*), and as I'm bidding I'm confused if I'm being outbid because I don't know the ID Noppin uses! ;w; Can someone please tell me what it is so I can make sure I win? :3 Thank you! ^-^ <3

EDIT: Currently the bids look like this:

wtm***** / rating:1373 High Bidder 3,600JPY 1 July 14 9:3
cre***** / rating:69992 3,600JPY 1 July 14 21:12

Is my bid not going through? ;-; How did the person above me bid the same amount I did? @_@;;

Thank you so much, guys! <3

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