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Pokemon Center Northgate stock, PikaPokedoll video, quick question & pokedoll pick ups


I decided to pay a visit to the Pokemon Center at Northgate Mall in Seattle yesterday because I was distraught about torrid_phoenix's post on the PokeCenter in Alderwood mall disappearing :(

Here's the current stock as of yesterday, July 13th:

(click for larger, opens in new tab)

(click for larger, opens in new tab)

Also here's a short video I made buying a pikachu pokedoll to complete my Pika trio. I was curious since I had never bought from there before!

Quick question, I bought that large DX pokedoll at Value Village! Help identifying if it's real or not?

(mini pokedoll)

(from kiosk)

(DX large from Value Village)

(click for larger, opens in new tab)

That mini pokedoll came in a lot of small plushes from yahoo japan. The large DX Pokedoll I found a year ago at Value Village for $4.99! That made me skeptical but I bought it anyway because it was just too darn cute (& huggable). Do you think it's authentic? I immediately consulted the PokePlushproject but would appreciate your opinions as well.

Lastly, would anyone be interested if I did 10 slots for pokedoll pick ups? I saw Eevee and am planning to go back & buy it. I figured I would ask here to see if anyone else wanted any pokedolls since it would be convenient for me to pick them up. I was granted sales permission by denkimouse on 8/4/11. Click the cut below for details.
- Slots full! Hopefully more slots next time, thank you!

Pickups for Pokedolls Only
- Slots full! Thank you!
I was granted sales permission by denkimouse on 8/4/11. Feedback old & new.
- I'm only taking 10 slots at this time. Maybe more next time.
- Each slot = One Pokedoll, not person, as I only want to walk out of there with 10 pokedolls in hand at this time. I will perhaps open more slots next time as I gain more experience, please understand.
- Note that the vending machine only lets you buy one pokedoll at a time, so I cannot combine tax for each doll. I also have to go through the process in the above video for each individual pokedoll each time.
- Must be able to pay via PayPal only and within 24 hours of the pickup
- I will be going to Northgate on Tuesday 7/17 morning PST and will accept pickup orders until then or until the slots are full.

Breakdown of Pricing & what I will charge you:
- Pokedoll cost + tax (comes out to $10.94)
- $3.30 commission fee per slot/pokedoll (one slot = one pokedoll, see above)
- Shipping cost (will combine if buy more than one)
- PayPal fee

- I re-read the rules, and will not accept payments until I have done the actual pickups.
- Payment must be paid within 24 hours of the pickup & totals sent out!
- By signing up for a slot you are agreeing to buy! No backing out as I do not want to have bought your pokedoll and then have to deal with returning it.
- I will combine shipping if you buy more than one doll and give you your total after the pickup.
- Pokedolls will be shipped wrapped in bubble wrap, tag protected, and in a poly bag. I will fit up to 4-5 dolls in one large poly bag, and 2 dolls in one small poly bag.

If interested, please comment below with which pokedoll you would like to buy!
Available as photographed above are:

- Slots full! Thank you!

1. Darkrai for xreni to US 93706.
2. Umbreon for xreni to US 93706.
3. Kyogre for xreni to US 93706.
4. Groudon for xreni to US 93706.
5. Mienfoo for xreni to US 93706.
6. Bisharp for xreni to US 32605.
7. Bisharp for wutastic to US 84094.
8. Eevee for pokabubu to US 92887.
9. Pikachu :D pokabubu to US 92887.
10. Kyogre pokabubu to US 92887.

I hope those prices are reasonable. I haven't done pickups but thought I would offer since it would be convenient and I wanted to go back to buy that Eevee! Here is my general feedback page too, so you know I have had experience selling and shipping before: http://ladylale.livejournal.com/950.html.

Thanks for reading! One last happy picture.
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