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My first Collection post hope I've done everything alright and wants.

So here's my collection I still have some items in the post( I always seem to have something in the post since joining pkmncolectors) :

 So as you can all tell these are my canvas plush( I would love to know is aipom rare, I haven't seen many others unfortunately aipom has had all tags cut off)
tomy mudkip, chattot pokedoll( I brought him years ago just because of the colours)
Brought these card in Spain I think coupple years ago as well, don't know much abot them.
I realy love the slightly older tomy plush, I love their eyes
Tiny maril Collection
my grail kyogre with his bootie friend.
1/2 of my obsession jirachi soooo cute love this tomy plush and have a 1:1 talking jirachi in the post grail, I think I must be easly pleased because at the moment I'm getting through my grail list quite quickly XD.
My bellossom collection I want this to grow as much as possible.
vap leaf collection
vaporeon side My amazing vaporeon and leafeon customs I'm try to get full set.
pikachuBanpresto fuzzy PIKACHU I'm not that keen on PIKACHU as I feel he's over done (sorry don't mean to offend, my personal opinion) but I feel I've learnt to love this guy.
ty collectionty plush about only Pokemon  plush in uk.


Well there it is thanks to anyone who has helped extend my collection and as I said I'm still realy wanting jirachi bellossom items some realy key wants bellow:
5-6injirachiJirachi pokedoll with tag attached
Bellossom key Bellossom lock with key
Pokemon-Center-2011-Jirachi-Charm-500x500jirachi charm (just charm not bothered about backing
Pokemon-Center-2011-Oddish-Bellossom-Gloom-Vileplume-Charm-500x500  I realy only want bellossom I'm not so keen on others.

Right time for me to go to sleep almost midnight in uk

Hey there community I have realy enjoyed expanding my collection with help form some of you guys and know I'd like to show off what I've got.also I like to just say I'm still looking for jirachi bellossom items and would love a custom bellossom pokedoll so if you can make one or know of someone please don't be shy :0)

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